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Exchange 2007 SP1: November 30

Get ready, folks. Exchange 2007 SP1 ships on the 30th.

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Test enclosure post

I’m getting ready to launch (or, more properly, relaunch) my podcasts, so I added the MTEnclosures plugin and one of my favorite dance songs as a test.

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get-Exchangecertificate vs enable-exchangecertificate


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Dead cats and pep rallies don’t mix

Presented for those of you who think that Perrysburg is boring, this story from the 10/11 Blade:

A pep rally at Perrysburg High School yesterday prompted complaints from students who were upset that a teacher displayed a dead cat at the event.

Two parents called the school district to complain about the dead cat on behalf of their children, who are students at the school, Perrysburg Superintendent Michael Cline said.

“We will be doing a thorough investigation on Monday,” he said.

“The teacher is willing to talk to those students who were upset by the situation and will make an apology to them sometime Monday.”

The pep rally, held during the end of the school day, preceded a football game between Perrysburg and Maumee high schools. The schools are longtime rivals.

The cat symbolized the Maumee mascot, which is a panther, Mr. [He’s a Ph.D, folks — Ed] Cline said.

The teacher, who Mr. Cline declined to identify while the district is investigating the incident, got the dead cat from the biology lab. The cat was a dissection specimen.

The teacher tied the dead cat to a rod and waved it around at the rally.

“That was a bad idea, and not a humane example to kids as an educator,” said Susan Maxwell, spokesman for the Toledo Area Humane Society. [But I s’pose it’s OK to torture participles, huh?]

Oddly, searching the Blade’s page for “perrysburg dead cat” didn’t turn this up, but Google News did.

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You can have my TiVo…

either when a) you pry it from my cold, dead hands or b) when there’s a similarly capable product that can record and play back HD content. Gartenberg says it’s time to drop TiVo in favor of the Windows Media Center Edition. MCE has some undeniably cool features, but it’s still expensive relative to TiVos (although it can do some stuff that TiVo presently can’t). Something to look at as I consider whether to buy the new Dish PVR (which does HD and also acts as both a satellite and over-the-air HD decoder), the announced-but-still-vaporware HD-capable TiVo, MCE, or nothing at all.
In other TiVo-ish news, there’s a cool blog focusing on personal video recorders; lots of news if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (Hat tip: Gartenberg).

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Fascinating storage interview

ACM‘s got a terrific interview with a fellow named Jim Gray. Those of you without computer science backgrounds may not have heard of him (he helped develop the original TPC benchmarks for measuring how fast databases can operate), but you might still be interested in his interview. Imagine having a 20-terabyte disk attached to your computer– now imagine that, if you follow the current progress of disk access times, it would take you about a day to read or write the contents of that one disk, and that’s best-case. Fascinating stuff. (Hat tip: Jeremy).

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The hacker tourist

If you like Neal Stephenson, go read this now, but allow some time: it’s a long article.
In other SF news, my copy of this year’s edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology is on its way! I’d forgotten about preordering it, but Amazon helpfully mailed me to tell me the good news.
Update: Hat tip to Mike Strock for pointing out my broken link. Spackerhood runs in the family.

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