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Divorce and taxes

I am neither a tax professional nor a divorce lawyer, and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in years, so don’t take this post as advice. Rather, consider it a cautionary tale.

As far as our friends at the IRS are concerned, your marital filing status is whatever you are on 31 December. That is not what I thought; my understanding was that you could file as either married or single if your status changed during the year. With that in mind, I now face a much larger tax bill than I expected, or budgeted for, because now I am being taxed at the single rate for the entire year’s income… while simultaneously having had taxes withheld at the married rate.

So, a word to the wise. If you’re getting divorced, from a tax standpoint you will probably be best off if you have the divorce become effective as early in the year as possible. Don’t take my word for it, though. Read IRS publication 501, and consult an accountant. I wish I had.

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Oracle failed to produce CEO’s e-mail

Cue the tiny violins: a federal judge ruled that Oracle “destroyed or failed to preserve Chief Executive Larry Ellison’s e-mail files sought as evidence in a class-action lawsuit filed in 2001 against the software maker.” The alleged destruction (or failure, depending on how you look at it) happened in 2006– well after Oracle touted archiving features in Oracle Collaboration Suite. Ooops.

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Newsgator outage explained

I posted about NewsGator’s outage on my personal blog, and got a comment pointing me toward the official explanation. If you’re interested in messaging and collaboration HA, it’s worth a read. The money quote:

Frankly, this was a pretty frustrating experience. We have a lot of redundant systems – pretty much any piece of hardware in our data center could fail, and we can absorb it without a significant outage. For example, if an entire SQL box would have lost power, fallen on the floor, and broken into pieces, no problem, we’d have an approximately 10 second outage. But this case, where the database gets into an inconsistent state, wasn’t helped by the redundant systems.

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Exchange 2003 SP2 and MSFP

So, I wrote an article about Exchange 2003 SP2’s new mobility features. Unfortunately, there’s a minor editing error: the article says you need Windows Mobile 5.0 or the MSFP to take advantage of the new features. If only that were true! You actually have to have both WM5.0 and the MSFP to get the tasty new feature goodness. Sorry to my readers for the mixup.

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System Center Capacity Planner @ Exchange Connections

Microsoft was handing out beta refresh bits for their very cool new System Center Capacity Planner (SCCP) tool at Exchange Connections this week. Unfortunately, they made a minor error that results in the bits not linking to the community support site as intended. Jonathan Hardwick explains here.

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Comments disabled

My hosting provider reports that their hosts– or, more precisely, my blogs– have been under a comment spamming attack. They’ve disabled my comments executable until further notice; I’ll probably have to either rename it or figure out some way to prevent drive-by comment spams before they’re willing to turn it back on.

Update: we’ve applied some prophylactic changes that will hopefully tamp down the spammers. Comments are now back on.

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Apology to Dave Whitney

I wrote a column last week on the public folder management improvements in Exchange 2003 SP2. As a guide, I used Dave Whitney’s post on the improvements, since none of the other SP2 documentation has been made public. Unfortunately, I didn’t include a link to his original article in my column. I always do this when I link to the Exchange blog, because it’s a terrific resource, but this time I plum forgot. This is unfair to Dave, who wrote the original post, so I’m posting this apology. Sorry, Dave; it won’t happen again.

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