If you need me, I’ll be on the sofa watching TV

Next Tuesday, the installoid is coming to put in my HDTV box. The local provider has HBO, Showtime, Discovery HD, and the local CBS affiliate. This is kind of disappointing; I don’t watch anything on CBS, so I’d much rather have ABC and Fox. Supposedly, they’re coming soon, along with ESPN-HD. (However, ESPN is broadcasting in 720p, and I am too cheap to buy a 720p TV at this stage of HD’s maturity, so when I do get it it’ll be upconverted to 1080i).
Because this is just a test, it’s too early to tell how much Buckeye will charge, what other channels they add, and so on. I figure that if I really like the HD content, I’ll be better able to stomach buying an over-the-air tuner for local channels and an HD-capable satellite receiver. Then again, maybe not. I also have to budget for a progressive-scan DVD player; my three-year-old Zenith 2550 has component out, but no p-scan. I need to find someone with a p-scan player and a conventional TV and horse trade with them, probably.

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