You can have my TiVo…

either when a) you pry it from my cold, dead hands or b) when there’s a similarly capable product that can record and play back HD content. Gartenberg says it’s time to drop TiVo in favor of the Windows Media Center Edition. MCE has some undeniably cool features, but it’s still expensive relative to TiVos (although it can do some stuff that TiVo presently can’t). Something to look at as I consider whether to buy the new Dish PVR (which does HD and also acts as both a satellite and over-the-air HD decoder), the announced-but-still-vaporware HD-capable TiVo, MCE, or nothing at all.
In other TiVo-ish news, there’s a cool blog focusing on personal video recorders; lots of news if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (Hat tip: Gartenberg).


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