Thursday trivia #69

  • I really like Palo Alto Firefighter hot sauce; it has a solid kick with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Great on eggs in particular. I am eagerly awaiting Honey Badger BBQ sauce, too. 
  • Apropos of honey badgers: I totally missed the Tyrann Mathieu story. Even though it will hurt their prospects for beating Alabama this season, I applaud LSU for firing him for breaking team rules. I don’t think there is enough of that kind of enforcement of team or school rules among top-tier college athletic programs. Ordinary students have to play by those school rules, and so should athletes.
  • In the last two weeks I’ve seen two horror stories involving failure to back up data: Mat Honan is one, and then shortly afterwards a coworker’s husband had his laptop stolen… while he was in rural Israel doing archeological fieldwork. He lost more than a month of essentially irreplaceable research material. I use, and highly recommend, CrashPlan. Even their free plan is a great deal.
  • And speaking of things you should do: if you use a Google account, turn on two-factor authentication. It’s easy to do and provides much stronger security than using a password alone. 
  • In related security news: my Dropbox subscription was up for renewal, so I cancelled it and switched to SkyDrive. It’s less expensive ($0 for 25GB), and I trust Microsoft’s security and privacy policies and implementation more than I do Dropbox’s. (Google Drive was never even in the running, as I trust their privacy implementation not at all.)

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