A little more on group metrics

About a year ago (wow, how time flies!) I wrote about group metrics generation in Exchange 2010. In that article, I posted a link to an article that EJ Dyksen of Microsoft wrote about MailTips troubleshooting. I was reminded of that article when I noticed event ID 14039 in my event log– it was claiming that the last group metrics file generated was more than a month old. "That’s not right," I thought. "I’d better verify that group metric generation is enabled."

Only, the EMS parameter for group metrics generation has changed. You now have to use Set-MailboxServer -ForceGroupMetricsGeneration $true. This is documented, but I had to hunt for it, grumble. Sure enough, group metrics generation was turned off on my mailbox servers, I suspect erroneously. Interestingly, the problem cropped up the day after we started our two-week Christmas break… a day or so after I applied a rollup to the servers. I smell a rat…

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