Thursday trivia #30

  • Last night I had a minor plumbing emergency at my rented house. At that point it dawned on me that having a property management company as a landlord is perfectly OK until you need them outside of normal business hours. They just called me back, giving them roughly a 12-hour response time. That much delay could have been a real problem; time to get an emergency contact number from them.
  • I think I’m pretty much done using Twitter for the time being. It always feels like a huge time suck, and if I don’t watch it like a hawk I’m always afraid that I’ll miss something useful or interesting. Twitter and Facebook should be where you chronicle what you do; they shouldn’t be what you do.
  • The next Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange rotation has already started, which means I’m getting ready to teach unified messaging again. This time I’m trying to make the material much more technical, which should be an interesting challenge. If you’re already familiar with Exchange UM, feel free to let me know what kind of technical content you’d like to know more about.
  • Flying lessons! I could write a whole series of blog posts about this, and in fact I probably will when I have time. For the meantime, let me say I am delighted with Advantage Aviation at KPAO so far.
  • This year I bought the NFL Sunday Ticket package, hoping to watch more Saints games. I think I watched a total of about two. File this under the "failed experiment" category. The coverage was great, but I’m just not enough of a fan (or equipped with enough free time) to watch enough football to justify the cost.
  • So far, I’ve learned to cook three things that the boys eat with gusto: pulled pork, chili, and beef stew. This weekend I’m branching out into some pasta dishes. Part of my strategy will be to feed them small breakfasts and lunches so they’re hungry enough to eat whatever I cook for dinner.
  • Can’t wait to see what the yellowsphere has to say about this. Congratulations to the Exchange team!
  • Spring break: Washington DC or someplace fun and warm? Decisions, decisions.

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