Thursday trivia #3

  • I’m glad to see that Microsoft is working on making Eclipse more usable and better-behaved under Windows 7.
  • My boy Pat Richard wrote a nice script for sending an automated "welcome" message to new Exchange users. Check it out.
  • There’s quite a concentration of Exchange and OCS talent in the Bay Area, but the only person I can think of that I’ve met is Ed Crowley. I’ve got some catching up to do.
  • "A DIY Guide to Going Nuclear."
  • It’s harder than you might think to teach a bunch of 13-16-year-old boys to safely change a tire, what with all the jokes about lug nuts and so forth.
  • Next week I’ll be in Pensacola. Waffle House, Chick-Fil-A, and Cracker Barrel, watch out! Better still, I get to drop by Alexandria and see Mom, Grandma, and the rest of the family first.
  • Health insurance reform: it’s not the work of the devil, it’s just a law. Laws can be changed. If you don’t like it, relax and remember that simple fact.


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2 responses to “Thursday trivia #3

  1. missy

    Yo! Paula’s in the Bay Area too. You’ve definitely met her.

  2. I’m still programmed to think of her on the East Coast and you on the West Coast. Eventually I’ll get it straight.