“A mathematical career in the software industry” event

One of the unique things about working at Acuitus is the way we collaborate on writing instructional content. We essentially work on pairs, and my partner for the most recent set of work I’ve been assigned is… wait for it… a mathematician.
No, seriously.
Imagine all the people in the world with whom I could converse. Imagine me asking them a little about their prior careers or work experience. Now imagine me not understanding anything they said. That’s Geir, my partner.
Nonetheless, I give him mad props; he’s been great to work with, and he’s co-presenting a talk at Berkeley called “A mathematical career in the software industry” on April 8th. If you’re a math whiz in the Bay Area[1], please feel free to drop by and hear his talk– I think you’ll find it interesting.
[1] as if any math people would read this blog. [2]
[2] except for my cousin Jody, he of the math degrees

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