Why I love working for Dell, Tuesday edition

I’m just shy of my three-month anniversary with Dell. So far I love it because, among other reasons…

…They match charitable donations dollar for dollar. I just dropped some cash to the Captain Jason Dahl scholarship fund, and if you are so inclined I encourage you to do the same. If you don’t want any of the prizes, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands.

…I have an actual LAPTOP DOCK again. You know, one of those handy things that lets you simply snap your laptop into it to attach it to external devices. This dock drives two monitors, and it has a ton of USB ports. I sorely missed real docking stations with my MacBook Pro.

…No one finds anything remarkable about sentences such as “Well, we can provision support out of either Guadalajara or Morocco” or “That shouldn’t be more than another dozen servers” or “For 63,000 mailboxes, we would need…”

…My teammates are highly distributed. On one project, I’m working with two Australians (one in Austin, one in Pleasanton), a West Virginian, two Texans, and a bunch of other people whose location I don’t know because it doesn’t matter where they are.



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