Thursday trivia #95

Wow, it’s been one day shy of three months since my last Thursday trivia! Time flies indeed. I should be able to post these more regularly now that my summertime madness has died down a bit.

  • The book is content complete, and now I am working my way through technical edits and adding new material where needed. Expect another post on that shortly.
  • My oldest son just started his freshman year… of college. Boy howdy, that makes me feel old.
  • This week’s project: build a building-block Exchange design suitable for use at a customer with operations in some countries (notably Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey) where they are not legally allowed to use HA or DR services that migrate data from the home country to outside. For example, if you have mailboxes in Israel, you can’t have a stretched DAG to the UK, as that would violate local law. Fun times, and certainly educational.
  • I have started a group strength training and fitness program coached by John Romaniello. So far it’s been awesome; I love the workouts and the adjustment to my eating habits has been manageable so far. If you’re on Fitocracy, follow me here. I still have to measure my current body fat percentage, but don’t expect any before/after until I get much further into the program.
  • From the TMI department: resting pulse rate 52, total cholesterol 136, blood glucose 92. Looks like I am good to go for another year.
  • I just booked my flights for IT/Dev Connections! Now I need to finish building my slide decks and demos. 
  • One of the fun things about being back in Huntsville is discovering new restaurants and rediscovering old ones. Bo has given me some very valuable tips, but I am going to have to cut back to make sure I stay on my nutrition plan.
  • Speaking of Bo: if you’re not reading his series on marriage, and you are, or want to be, married, you should probably read it. It’s been very thought-provoking so far.

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  1. Thank you for the link love, my friend, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the marriage series!

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