“There is always room for improvement” in aviation

Bonus double Flying Friday post today. Why? Because this article is too good not to share.

…these NASA pilots were always at 350 when needed. It wasn’t 349 or 351. They always flew on-speed. For me, sitting in the backseat for my first couple of missions in ACTIVE, a whole new skill level was revealed. They flew this way all the time. They were always on parameters. They were always on-altitude. No 34,900 ft or 35,100 ft for them. It was 35,000 ft and not a foot higher or lower.

The author goes on to talk about how this precision inspired him to fly more precisely– “Why not,” he asks, “endeavor to fly as perfectly as possible? In fact, why not endeavor to fly as well as you possibly can all the time, versus ‘just good enough’?”

Exactly. That’s what I want, and what I try to do.

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  1. Lauren Rizzuto

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry I’m replying on your blog but I don’t remember your twitter handle & not even sure if you’re still an active tweeter! I’m just thrilled I remember how to spell your last name..I have been thinking about you the last few days & wanted to check on how you & the boys were. Hope all is well.

    Lauren (Lfacemaker) from NJ

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