Help retrain veterans for IT jobs

Acuitus is working on a pilot project with the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs: we’re running an IT training school for unemployed veterans, using our proven Digital Tutor system to take them from little-to-no computer knowledge to being able to troubleshoot complex problems on Windows and Cisco IOS.

Our goal is to be able to train these vets so they can move right into entry-level IT and IT support positions. They will not be Exchange architects or CCIEs, but they will have very strong Windows and network troubleshooting skills that we think will make them immediately hirable.

If you work for a company with more than 750 employees, you can help.

The challenging part is figuring out exactly what to teach. That’s where you can help. I’ve got a survey that asks about your IT environment: what equipment and products you use and what skills you would expect an entry-level technician to have.  We’re using this to calibrate what we teach to make sure our graduates have the right skills to prepare them for jobs in the commercial world. Your responses won’t be shared publicly.

If you are willing to help, please e-mail me (paulr at acuitus dot com) to get a copy of the survey.

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