Thursday trivia #74

  • On my last trip to Huntsville, my American flight from Dallas to Huntsville arrived more than two hours late. Consequently, when I booked my flights for October, they’re all on Delta. This letter from a pilot to former AA CEO Bob Crandall, and his reply, are well worth reading.
  • Replace Alice and Bob? Never! You can have my standard cryptographic personas when you pry them from my DPAPI storage.
  • I have a lot more I want to say about MEC, and I will, but for now the BLUF: fantastic show, great content, and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my peers. I saw probably a dozen people that I hadn’t seen in five or ten years, and met maybe another dozen with whom I’ve collaborated and corresponded without ever meeting face to face. I’m already eager to sign up for the next one.
  • General James Mattis, a Marine’s Marine.
  • The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law. Sounds like a fun read.

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