Thursday trivia #68

Whoa, I’m behind on my schedule. That’s what comes from being so busy.

  • Fascinating map that helps explore stereotypes about different US states. Why is California so liberal, broke, expensive, and anti-gun? (Please note that the work was apparently done by a German, so no fair complaining that a particular US political philosophy is behind it.)
  • I’d never heard of Z-Hire before, but it looks like an extremely useful tool for provisioning Active Directory accounts (and Exchange, and Lync, and anything else that depends on AD) when you hire new employees.
  • Can’t wait to see Oscar Pistorius run again tomorrow.
  • I’m excited to be speaking at MEC 2012 but it’s a little daunting when I think of how much work it’s going to take to build quality sessions… the attendees will have justifiably high expectations. I’d better buckle up.
  • Speaking of buckling up: I’m loving season 5 of Breaking Bad so far. All hail the king.
  • Some jerk stole my bike. May he crash while riding it, and soon.
  • I’m not sure which is more surprising: that Google offers a death benefit for the spouse or partner of a deceased employee, or that the oldest Google employee is 83.

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