Ten Things I’ve Done (That You Probably Haven’t)

This is admittedly an old meme. I missed the original round in 2006, and the revival in 2010, but maybe it’s time for another round. Even if not, here’s my list.

  1. Been interviewed on CNN.
  2. Sat in the captain’s chair of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
  3. Gone pistol shooting with a member of the US Olympic pistol team. (He beat me, but not that badly. At least that’s what I tell myself.)
  4. Climbed the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.
  5. Received a meritorious spot promotion from the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  6. Been mistaken for a local pediatrician. At the hospital. By a delivery nurse. Who asked me what to do with a patient.
  7. Performed CPR on an 18-month-old who had fallen into a swimming pool and drowned, successfully resuscitating him.
  8. Rebuilt a 1957 Chevy Bel Aire and a 1964 Corvette Stingray.
  9. Drove my rental car on the Monaco Grand Prix race course in Monaco the day before the race.
  10. Toured the “secret” tunnel system underneath Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

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One response to “Ten Things I’ve Done (That You Probably Haven’t)

  1. You rebuilt a ’64 Corvette Sting Ray, sir. 🙂

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