Thursday trivia #54

I have a large backlog of stuff to blog about but it’ll be a few weeks yet before I accumulate enough free time to do so. I’m in San Diego right now, working with the Institute for Defense Analyses to test our Digital Tutor students’ performance. It’s been a blast so far and I am very much looking forward to seeing the final results. Herewith a few assorted and mostly random notes.

  • Ever think about how you’d read a mathematical equation to a blind person? Me neither, but publishers of math textbooks have to make their materials accessible to all students. Think about it.
  • This article in Ad Age talks about how magazines are posting large gains in digital circulation. This may seem unsurprising, but I have found very few magazines whose apps on the iPad work really, really well. Most are inferior to the experience of reading a paper magazine. As a magazine writer, I am intensely interested in how this transition works for Windows IT Pro now that they’re all-digital.
  • If you’re not reading Lowering the Bar, you should be.
  • I’d like to think that if I had as much money as Jeff Bezos I’d do cool things like this: finding the F-1 engines from the Saturn V that launched Apollo 11.
  • John Carter deserves a bigger audience: it was a fun thrill movie, great for what it was. The boys and I found it quite entertaining in a summer-movie kind of way.
  • There’s a terrific iPad G1000 simulator in the App Store. The picture below shows it with a course laid in from the Palo Alto airport (KPAO) to Santa Clara-South County (KE16). It’s remarkably complete and I’ve had a great time using it along with Max Trescott’s G1000 book.

IMG 0013

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