Thursday trivia #53

  • I note with sadness the passing of CAPT Carroll LeFon, USN (ret). He was a fighter pilot until the end, a stalwart patriot, and a great American, and I say this with no trace whatsoever of irony.
  • Fascinating BBC article on recycling of medical implants: hips, knees, etc. get turned into turbine blades and other artifacts.
  • Since I’ve been in Pensacola, I’ve gotten to rent a number of different vehicles. So far, the Chrysler 300 I’m currently driving is my favorite. Comfortable, powerful, quiet, and stylish. The interior is well-assembled, and the avionics (or whatever you call them in cars) work very well, with none of the Bluetooth bugs I’ve gotten accustomed to working around in other vehicles. Plus, as Tom says, Eminem drives one, so what’s not to like?
  • Brilliant news: LodgeNet (you know, the hotel-TV folks) have produced an app that turns your device into a TV remote for your hotel TV. I love this because, quite frankly, those remotes are swimming in germs.
  • I’ve long been a nuclear-weapons nerd, so Restricted Data is like catnip.
  • Speaking of which: Perimeter.
  • I’m taking my FAA written exam this week. So far I’ve accumulated about 70 hours of flight time, and I only need a few more specific things before i can take my check ride. However, the weather here in Pensacola is worsening, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish up before I leave.
  • This collection of LEGO science models gives me a strong urge to break out the LEGOs. Like I needed a reason…



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2 responses to “Thursday trivia #53

  1. Note from the Chairman here – you need to rent a Cadillac. I find them MUCH nicer than the Chrysler 300. Had both upon occasion, usually get the Caddy. Only thing that comes close to the Caddy is the Lincoln, and I do like the Sync system in the Lincoln.

  2. Unlike the Chairmans of the world, I don’t rent enough to get a Caddy for no extra cost! I like the Sync system but it has a bad habit of switching away from the device I have it paired with for no good reason; that requires some annoying knob-twiddling to fix. The ’12 Camry avionics are pretty good too, though they have some distracting animation effects more appropriate to a phone than a dashboard.

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