Thursday trivia #48

[ putting this in the “FAIL” category since it’s no longer Thursday, but better late than never…]

To begin with, my hearty congratulations to Tony Redmond on receiving a “Distinguished” award from the Society for Technical Communications (STC) for Exchange 2010 Inside Out. This is quite an honor, but a well-deserved one. I read and edit a great deal of material focused on Exchange, and Tony’s book is the best I’ve encountered. Well done.

  • And speaking of books: I have the galleys for Bruce Schneier’s latest book, Liars and Outliers. It’s been an interesting read so far, although much of what he has to say about the nature of trust and how trust granting works seems intuitively obvious.
  • Looks like I’ll be speaking at TEC 2012 in San Diego. That should be fun; I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at TEC 2010 in Vegas.
  • I think it’s telling that if you search for “Exchange Connections 2012” you get this page, which doesn’t actually mention Exchange Connections– you have to scroll the list of icons over to the right to see it at all, and the textual conference descriptions don’t mention it. That’s rather sad. The page that is ostensibly about Exchange Connections is even worse.
  • After next week my teaching schedule will lighten up a bit, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be spending a lot more time flying.
  • Some people tend to think that their negative statements and claims won’t get back to their intended target. Wrong-o.




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