Thursday trivia #45

  • Here’s a very cool review of the inaugural flight of ANA’s first Boeing 787. I’m envious.
  • I think I know what my next iPhone programming project will be… in my spare time, chuckle snort guffaw. (But I’m not telling. Hint: it involves Exchange.)
  • Saturday I’m running the Ho Ho Hustle in downtown Pensacola. This will be my last 5K of the year, so I hope it’s a good one!
  • I am thankful that my sons don’t have to take this 1869 entrance exam to Harvard, ’cause none of them could pass it. I wouldn’t either (although I know a couple of people who could, so… um.. does that help?)
  • Today my Navy students are taking a four-hour midterm, then tomorrow they have a two-hour practical exam. I’m not sure who will be more glad when they’re done: them or our instructor staff.



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