Thursday trivia #42

How fitting: this is the last Thursday on which I’ll be 42. Today’s trivia:

  • Today is the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Happy birthday and Semper Fidelis!
  • Today is the 42nd anniversary of the first broadcast episode of Sesame Street. I thought about making a rude Elmo joke but in honor of their anniversary, I will merely say that I’m very much looking forward to watching Being Elmo.
  • Today is also the 36th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. To celebrate, I will refrain from listening to any Gordon Lightfoot today.
  • Fellow MVP Paul Cunningham put together a nifty script to remind you that it’s time to back up your Exchange databases. I commend it to your attention.
  • I only have this to say about Joe Paterno: what a shame that his career ended this way, and what a shame that the victims suffered unnecessarily because of the silence– and collusion– of those who knew but didn’t act.
  • If I were going to buy a drone, this would be my first choice.

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