2011 Exchange Maestro wrap-up

Greetings from high over Nebraska, where I’m aboard a Delta flight to San Francisco for a well-deserved day of rest at home (and, hopefully, a visit to In-N-Out) before heading to Vegas for Exchange Connections and then back to Pensacola.

My first visit to Connecticut was, I’d say, quite the success. We had a good-sized group of attendees, and they asked excellent and focused questions throughout. As a presenter it’s always rewarding when the audience asks questions that indicate not only that they’re listening but that they’re thinking and this group did so particularly well. That kind of back-and-forth increases the value of the workshop for everyone, and we had a lot of it.

For a first, Tony and I hit all of our timing marks until the third day! (As you might expect, I ran long on the UM content; my natural enthusiasm got the best of me.) This left the attendees more time than usual for labs, which they used to their full advantage. We didn’t have any major equipment or logistical problems; the sponsor presentations from Hewlett-Packard and BinaryTree were quite well done.

In a side note, I’m glad to report that Tony now knows what “homeboy” means in American English after discussing my PC price advantage post. He and Brian both disagreed strenuously with my assessment of the build quality of H-P’s EliteBook line, and Tony further questioned why I spec’d a 17″ EliteBook given its inconvenient size for truly mobile use– I did so because I wanted the closest match for CPU speed. In any event my admission that there still seems to be a price premium at the higher end of the configuration scale stands. Having said that, I’ve no plans to switch away from my MacBook Pro.

As of right now, we don’t currently have plans to do any Maestro events in 2012. I’m certainly open to the possibility, but we’ve had a hard time finding the optimum way to market these events and get the word out. One possibility is that we’ll work more closely with consulting and systems integration firms to go directly to their customers, and we have a few other potential tricks up our sleeves. Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. Miike Ita

    The Maestro seminar was excellent! It has given me the rest of the pieces I needed for implementing and maintaining an Exchange 2010 Environment effectively. Thank you Paul, Tony and Brian!

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