Thursday trivia #32

  • I was all excited to see that Safeway delivers groceries. Sadly, they only deliver the next day, and someone over 18 has to be present to sign for the delivery– that makes their service completely useless for me. If I was at home to sign for the delivery, I’d just buy the stupid groceries.
  • I just ordered a bunch of Girl Scout cookies. Now the long wait for late February begins…
  • Dear Costco: if you’re going to try to sell me an $8000 package with two Super Bowl tickets, they’d better not be in the "upper end zone". Thanks for trying, though.
  • Learning to fly has been a terrific experience so far. There’s soooo much to learn, though. I’ve been flying a 1980 Cessna 172 that has a few, um, quirks– like a staticky intercom and wildly variable radio volume. My instructor talked me into trying a newer model of the same airplane, and the difference in flight is amazing. The two aircraft have very similar specs, but the newer one is smoother, quieter, and much more responsive both to throttle and control inputs.
  • Speaking of which: the boys and I together weigh nearly 700 pounds, which means if I’m going to fly them anywhere I’ll have to get checked out in a bigger airplane. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our kids…
  • Who says nothing exciting ever happens in Utah?

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