Exchange Maestro Anaheim days 1 & 2

I had to skip a day of recap postings thanks to a bit of extracurricular work, but better late than never…

Day 1 began right on time, with our attendees eager to get started. We made several structural changes to the course, mostly in the area of reordering material. Tony led off with an architectural session, followed by my presentation on the new Exchange management tools (now including remote PowerShell, formerly the subject of its own session). After a delicious lunch of Mexican food (including mariachi music, serapes instead of tablecloths, and some really excellent decorations), Tony presented the store content and I followed up with the CAS material. We ran a bit long in the afternoon, so I had to stop before I finished with the CAS material so that we’d have time for labs.

Day 1’s highlight was that my friend Alice, a former co-worker from 3Sharp, brought me a Disneyland turkey leg! In Boston, I’d mentioned to Tony, Brian, and Melissa that I wanted to go to Disneyland and find one of the famous Disney turkey legs. Word apparently got out, and Alice, bless her heart, made a trip to Disneyland– her first ever– to see the sights and bring me back some of that oh-so-tasty smoked poultry awesomeness. I was shocked to see it; it’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me. Thanks, Alice!

We closed out day 1 with dinner at Roy’s here in Anaheim with our sponsors from Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. Dinner was quite good, as was the company, but I was out later than I wanted to be so it was hard to get rolling this morning.

Despite my sluggishness, day 2 began promptly at 0900, where I started with the remainder of the CAS coverage. In Boston, we had separate presentations for the CAS role and for client settings and management options, but we decided to combine them to save time. That strategy backfired badly, as I ended up running 30 minutes long. I then compounded that problem by running 40 minutes long on my RBAC session. In fairness, I got a lot of good questions from our attendees, so I didn’t mind going a bit long, but Tony and I had some catching up to do on the remaining sessions: the mailbox replication service (MRS), transport, and compliance. By day’s end, we had no margin left for lab time, so we’ll have to catch up a bit tomorrow.

On day 2, the most memorable quote was Tony’s solemn assertion that “we kill lingering orphans after 24 hours.”

He was talking, of course, about mailbox move requests as part of his session on the mailbox replication service (MRS). We were also surprised and delighted to get a nifty calendar from one of our students who’s active in the Back-Country Horsemen of Idaho. The calendar features some beautiful Idaho scenery, plus: horses! It will go up in a place of honor in my office as soon as I get home.

During a bit of intra-day-2 downtime, I was able to finish the final technical edit pass on chapter 17 of Tony’s book. That ends my involvement with this revision; it’s been a great learning experience to have the opportunity to pore over 16 months’ worth of Tony’s research and experimentation with Exchange. I’ve learned quite a lot from him, and I congratulate him on finishing such a large project– it’s roughly twice as long as the longest book I’ve ever written by myself.

Now it’s off to a class dinner at PF Chang (table for 25, stat!), then a rare evening off (provided I finish tech-editing a magazine article that I owe my editors…)

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