Anaheim Exchange Maestro day 1, pre-show

Clearly the only way I will be able to get a word in before Tony is to write about each day before it starts!

I arrived last night in Anaheim after a long (and expensive!) cab ride from LAX, preceded by a flight on Horizon from SJC. We were on a Bombardier Q400, which I’d never flown before. It’s a turboprop, but feels inside like a CRJ-class jet. It was not uncomfortable, and it wasn’t too noisy, so I’ll score that as a win.

The hotel assigned me to an absolutely huge guest room overlooking the pool. Given that it’s in the mid-60s, this is not the benefit you might assume. I was a bit startled to hear a series of loud boom! sounds starting about 9:30. This turned out to be the nightly Disneyland fireworks show; apparently the launch area is close by the hotel. Sadly, I couldn’t see the actual fireworks, but I’ll try to find a better vantage point tonight.

The hotel meeting facilities are about a million times nicer than the Doubletree we used in Boston. I was greeted this morning with a spacious, well-lit room, with a proper whiteboard. The entire corner of the room is occupied by a rather grand buffet of breakfast choices, which I appreciate; I love a good breakfast.

Today we have about 30 attendees, including my friend and former 3Sharpie Alice Goodman. Tony and I have been busy updating our slides to reflect feedback from the Boston attendees, and Brian has done a superb job of updating the lab instructions. The largest change is that the session on remote PowerShell has been removed, and its material integrated with the sessions on Exchange management tools and RBAC. There’s no reduction in the material covered; it’s just been reorganized to make things flow better.

The biggest piece of feedback from Boston is one we can’t do anything about; sadly there’s nothing we can do to make the labs any faster. We are trying to figure out a cost-effective way to help future attendees get SSDs to use with the labs. Their increased speed would help a great deal.

Now I’m off to finish my breakfast and get my game face on for another big day!


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2 responses to “Anaheim Exchange Maestro day 1, pre-show

  1. Mauricio Celis

    Hi Paul
    I wanted to thank you again for the amazing sessions and lots of information we got to take home about Exchange 2010 in Anaheim.
    And also wanted to trow a question here – since I couldn’t find any other way to reach you.
    What’s your point of view about NO more Single Instance in 2010? and what are the considerations for storage planning when moving from Exchange 2003.

  2. Mauricio, thanks for attending the class– I’m glad you found it useful! My e-mail address is “”.
    Your question about single-instancing is a good one. I’ll try to write up a blog post on my thoughts sometime this week– check back here for updates.