Thursday trivia #25

  • Yes, I know it’s not Thursday.
  • Today, not-Thursday, is National Punctuation Day. This book looks like an appropriate read, though sadly I won’t get to it for a while.
  • My travel schedule for the rest of the year: Seattle, Boston, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Pensacola, plus whatever I shoehorn in during the last half of December.
  • Oh, did I forget to mention? Acuitus is giving us all the last two weeks of the year off as paid extra vacation. In unrelated news, we’re hiring.
  • The boys and I had our first FaceTime call with Mom, Grandma, and Melissa this past week. What a neat piece of technology! It’s the next best thing to being there. (And yes, I know Apple didn’t invent video chat, but they made it easy and mobile.)
  • I am fascinated by the Theodolite app I got from the App Store. I find myself pointing my phone in random directions just to see what it does.


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2 responses to “Thursday trivia #25

  1. Chris Bloch

    Love facetime, although I’ve only gotten to use it briefly with Uncle Dan, Aunt Ann, and Grandma. I was pretty impressed seeing grandma on facetime though.

  2. I foresee it getting heavy use during halftime of Saints games, as we all either commiserate or celebrate.