Thursday trivia #24

  • Sadly I got Halo: Reach the other day. I say "sadly" because I haven’t even gotten to start the campaign yet (though the boys and I had a blast playing it together.)
  • At my day job I am immersed in writing about Exchange 2003. In my magazine and book work, I exclusively cover Exchange 2010. Talk about cognitive dissonance!
  • Julie is raising money for an extremely worthy cause: the 2010 RESOLVE Walk of Hope, a fundraiser for RESOLVE’s efforts to raise awareness of infertility issues. Drop by and hit up her tip jar if you can. It’s for a damn good cause.
  • Georgia Tech did really well on this list of college rankings, prepared by corporate recruiters for the Wall Street Journal.(Sadly, so did the University of Michigan. Better hope David doesn’t notice that!)
  • Speaking of the WSJ: would you rather freeze your fat, or zap it with a laser? Decisions, decisions.
  • According to this post from a marine scientist at the University [sic] of Georgia, a lot of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill might be down on the seabed. That’s not good for the long-term health of siphonophores or bottom-feeders like shrimp. Curse you, BP.
  • Kevin sent me a link to this nifty Outlook add-in that allows you to block the use of the "reply all" function. I may need to inflict it on the machines at work soon.
  • If you need any help remembering to count your blessings, this summary of the Census Bureau’s 2009 poverty statistics will probably do the trick.
  • This is not on my bucket list. No way, nohow.

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