Monterey Bay Aquarium Underwater Explorers

Matt wants to be a marine biologist, so for Christmas we gave him a trip to dive the Great Tide Pool at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Today was the big day. We headed south about 0800 for a 1000 program and made it there with no problem; it was chilly and a bit foggy, as forecast. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an inhaler for him but had (stupidly) written down on the medical form that he required one. Arlene went to our local CVS and got them to fax a prescription down to the CVS right near the aquarium. Inhaler in hand, we got into the 1130 program without incident.

After a short safety briefing, the guides (one for every 3 kids) helped Matt and his teammate suit up. First came a layer of fleece, followed by a dry suit and booties, then a balaclava, then a mask, tank, BC, and regulator. Once the kids were all fully suited, they got into the tide pool for a good 40 minutes of swimming around and observing. He had a blast (as these pictures clearly show), and he pretty much hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Well worth the $59.

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  1. Tom M

    What a great gift for Matt! Extra Mom & Dad points for you guys, Paul. Couldn’t ask for a better place than Doc Ricketts’ old stomping grounds. Unless you want to get him a summer internship at Woods Hole, but that’s on the wrong coast. Seriously, I’m excited for him just reading your two-paragraph blog post. I thought to ask whether he’s read Cannery Row yet, but some erm, colorful themes therein.