Thursday trivia #14

Ha! Fooled you! Thursday Trivia can strike at any time!

  • Weekends are for relaxing, or so I’m told. So far this weekend, I’m running a race, going skeet shooting with a group of co-workers, teaching a Sunday school lesson on the Book of Ruth, and going to see the US Air Force Golden Band of the West. Monday will probably seem like a day off after all that.
  • I now have lost enough weight for people I only see occasionally to comment that I look thinner… twice. That’s pretty motivating. It must be because I walked around New Orleans so much that my legs are still sore; it certainly wasn’t because I ate moderately.
  • This week’s random PowerShell script: turn on the Windows 7 preview pane for PowerShell scripts.
  • Here’s what I feel like about Exchange 2010 SP1 being in beta– I can’t decide whether to install it or not. The features in it are very compelling, but the lack of support makes me a bit nervous.

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