Thursday Trivia #15


  • Rather than celebrate individual folks’ birthdays, we have group celebrations at my office. Today’s one such day, so I’m looking forward to some ice cream, with all the fixins.
  • In preparing my Sunday school lesson, I found my iPad to be super useful. At one point, I had my paper scriptures, two paper lesson summaries (here and here), and the Google Books version of the Jewish Study Bible on the iPad all together, and it was a natural addition to my workflow. The Bible HD app is pretty neat too because it includes a number of different translations.
  • Speaking of my lesson: the executive summary is that Ruth’s story is one of loyalty and self-sacrifice, where her loyalty to Naomi is repaid many times over by her acceptance in Israel and her marriage to Boaz. Love doesn’t enter into it, at least not as the scriptural account goes. On the other hand, love is the key focus of the story of Hannah and her son, Samuel.
  • Good thing Google is careful about privacy.
  • Speaking of privacy: I’m interested in dissecting the Supreme Court’s opinion in Ontario vs Quon, but it may take me a while.
  • Fascinating behind-the-scenes account of Windows Phone 7 here. C’mon, guys, ship it! Every time I read something like this my credit card itches.
  • Top ten comments you don’t want to hear your pilot say.

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