Race day!

I just finished my first-ever 5K race! Woooo!

I’ve been running on the gym treadmill pretty steadily over the last couple of months. I normally run about 20 min at a 9:50/mi pace. Today I ran 3.1mi in 27:31, a blistering (for me) 8:51 pace. I haven’t run that fast since I was still in the Marines. In fact, I didn’t know I still could run that fast, and at that I took a few walking breaks along the way.

Most of the credit goes to my race playlist. When the first song the iPhone served up was Monster (by the Automatic Automatic) I knew it would be a good music day, and indeed it was. That was followed by Big Beat (Touch and Go), Zebra’s As I Said Before, the Punk Division version of Seven Nation Army, P!nk’s So What, Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction, and– as I was coming up to the finish line, DJ Moule’s Black Sabotage, which is only one of my favorite songs EVAR.

Now, on to paintball… and getting ready for the next race!

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