More things Apple needs to fix for Exchange e-mail on the iPhone

Via Twitter, I found this post pointing out 3 things Apple needs to fix to make its Exchange e-mail client more useful, from the perspective of a BlackBerry user. Their selections:

  • flagging messages for follow-up. Yes!
  • Jump scrolling to the top or bottom of a message. Safari already implements this (see the second item here), and I was surprised to notice that doesn’t.
  • Showing message priority/importance. I’m not convinced that this is critical, though it would be nice to have.

However, there are a lot of other things that Apple also needs to do. I’ve written about some of them before, but my list has changed a bit with the announcements of the iPhone 4.0 software release. Here are the things I would most like to see; these do not seem to be present in 4.0 yet:

  • Full support for offline mode. I never want to see a message telling me that the message couldn’t be moved to the trash, or that the server can’t be contacted. Give me a subtle icon to indicate when I’m disconnected, then just handle it.
  • Proper use of the Exchange ActiveSync smart reply and forward operations.
  • Mark reply and forward operations properly so that other clients (like Entourage and Outlook) show the message history properly. I think using the correct EAS smart verbs will fix this as well.
  • Show the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders exactly as they exist on the server. Every item I send or delete should show up in the correct location on all clients, no matter which client actually did the processing. (While you’re at it, do this for on Mac OS X, too).
  • Allow us to change the sort order used to display messages.
  • Leave the existing 4.0 "all inboxes" and conversation views alone– they work great as they are currently implemented.

I’m in a good mood (it’s Taco Salad Tuesday!), so I’m not going to take the time to write a list of all the calendaring features I wish Apple would fix, as that would ruin my mood and give me strong urges to punch something. Another day.

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One response to “More things Apple needs to fix for Exchange e-mail on the iPhone

  1. Gareth

    I totally agree with you. Until Apple fixes these iPhone OS (iOS) bugs it’s hardly much use for the enterprise or business user.
    It’s not even fixed in iOS 4!