Surprise! It’s a fish!

As Christmas approaches, we’ve had a steady feed of packages arriving at the hacienda. This is normal around this time of year; with Mom, Tim, us, and Julie all in different states there’s a fair amount of interstate commerce goin’ on. This afternoon, though, I was surprised to find a large white box outside my door.

The return address said “Seattle Fish Co.” That was my first clue. The second clue was the overpowering odor of fish that filled the kitchen when I opened the inner styrofoam cooler. Wrapped in paper was a plastic bag containing (wait for it)… a whole fish, head included. I immediately moved it out to the garage (which is cold enough, luckily, to store fish), then called the sender to figure out where this fish came from.

“Hi. Someone sent me a whole fish,” I said. “I think it’s a salmon.”

“Well, we don’t ship whole salmon,” said the lady on the other end. “Does it have a head?”

“Yes, it does, with an eye and everything.”

“Oh, that makes sense then. Someone just called me about this– there was a shipping mistake. You got a rock cod.”

After a bit of research, they called me back. A business associate had ordered some smoked salmon to be sent to us. Somehow, this order was transmuted into an order for a whole rock cod, which they promptly shipped. We thus received a fresh, yet unexpected, Christmas surprise. The good news: I’m going to take it to the market tomorrow and have it filleted and cleaned, then we can have some Boxing Day cod fillets. (Better news: the salmon is on the way and will arrive on New Years’ Eve!)

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