A birthday rickroll

I got rickrolled for my birthday today.

I’m in Redmond for meetings with customers and our team. Our company tradition is that we bring in cake of some kind when people celebrate their birthdays; my birthday is tomorrow, and Jason Weiss (one of our QA team members) has his birthday today.

About 1:30p, everyone gathered in our break room, and Paul Flynn brought in a big ol’ chocolate cake. It was strangely rectangular, but the frosting made it look good. I was a bit skeptical when Paul said he’d baked it himself, but I took the proferred knife and tried to cut it. It was oddly crunchy when I cut it. Paul let me saw away at it for a few seconds, then removed the cardboard box that was covering the real cake… adorned with a picture of RIck Astley himself. At the same time, Tim started playing the original rickroll clip from YouTube.


This all came about because back in the spring I managed to rickroll nearly the entire company via a well-crafted e-mail. Apparently they collectively decided to get their revenge on me via cake, so I am happy to say that the cake was, in fact, not a lie.

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