Exchange Connections fall 2008

This year, my attendance at Exchange Connections was shorter than usual– I arrived Tuesday afternoon, presented most of the day on Wednesday, and then had to head up to 3Sharp in Redmond for a day of meetings with customers and our new PR agency, Hardy Communications.

The flight from Detroit to Vegas was uneventful, unless you count the guy two rows behind me who was snoring like a Poulan. I was actually concerned for his health. I didn’t see any signs of the Delta takeover; the FAs were as friendly as they ever are on NWA. Unfortunately, just before boarding I discovered that I’d forgotten my headphones and my iPhone sync cable. Sadly, that meant I was forced to work for the entire flight! (Arlene sent the missing gear to me, so I was equipped before my flight to Seattle).

This was a two-laptop trip: I brought both my T61 running Windows Server 2008 and my MacBook Pro. The MBP gave me a solid 3.5 hours of fairly heavy activity. For the few minutes I was using the T61, Windows’ battery estimator gave me an estimated life of 2:21. That’s not great, but part of the problem is that I’ve only ever had the big IBM/Lenovo battery, not the smaller conformal one. I’ll have to do a more even comparison in the future. (Also: my Win2008 installation won’t let me hibernate, which is a big pain in the butt sometimes).

My first session on Exchange Online went well, including some cool demos. The questions I got were pretty good, though there were a few I couldn’t answer. (My favorite: will Exchange Online support the BlackBerry? Yeah, when pigs fly!)

PowerShell 101 was, as always, a blast. It’s such a fun presentation to give because I enjoy seeing people “get it” as they start to internalize all the stuff they can do with the Exchange Management Shell.

Apart from that, I didn’t see or do much. My room at THE Hotel smelled like smoke; I had a good lunch with my Windows IT Pro peeps at Border Grill, and now I’m heading to Seattle.

Update: I forgot to mention that the Society of Exploration Geophysicists was in town for their 78th annual convention. Fun crowd! The geophysicists tended to be well-dressed and very talkative, with lots of hallway groupings, and a surprising number of women.

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