Shooting a video the 3Sharp way

This morning I’m supposed to be shooting a short web video for Penton on desktop data management for Exchange. I expected one guy with a camera, but now my office has three people (plus me): a camera operator, the teleprompter operator, and the audio guy. They have more equipment than I can shake a mouse at, so things are pretty snug in my office. The last time I did something like this was when I shot a segment for an episode of Mike Nash’s Security 360 series; that was shot by a crew from Microsoft Studios at 3Sharp’s old Redmond office. Having all this infrastructure in my house is a bit disconcerting. I’ve been cleaning my office for the last week in preparation, so hopefully the finished video will reflect my efforts. (Don’t laugh; you should have seen it before the cleaning!) Perhaps the funniest part is that my kids now think I’ll be famous because I’m going to be on TV. They don’t get the whole sponsored-web-video thing yet, I guess.

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