So what’s the other 30% made of?

I’m in coach on a Delta flight from Cincinnati to Seattle. Delta recently started a new food-for-sale program called EATS. The folks over at FlyerTalk seem to like it pretty well. I had Chik-Fil-A in CVG, and I’m headed to a lunch meeting, so I didn’t want a full meal, but I did buy a Clif Mojo bar. It’s pretty good– sort of like a light pretzel with some peanut chunks. However, I’m a little disconcerted by the label, which has a blazon proclaiming “70% organic”. What does that mean? Is the other 30% inorganic? Did I just get my RDA of aluminum and silicon? Should I have only eaten the first 2/3rds of the bar and left the remaining 33% behind to make sure I didn’t eat anything unhealthy?

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