2007 Despair catalog, brought to you by…

Today’s mail brought a welcome surprise: the 2007 Despair.com catalog. (Despair offers a collection of very funny faux motivational posters like this and this, and my current favorite). I’ve never ordered anything from them, so I checked the address on the catalog. It was addressed to me at my home address, “Suite I”.

Now, let me explain. I don’t actually have any suites (well, unless you count the kids’ rooms) but I often assign one-letter suite codes when doing business with a new company. Guess who the letter “I” belongs to? Yep: IBM. So, someone at IBM apparently decided to sell customer data to these folks (or, more likely, to a broker who resold them). Perhaps I should start ordering Despair products for the Notes customers I occasionally work with? Now there’s an idea…


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  1. Kim

    At an old job I used to have, I had a page in my office that I had ripped out of a despair.com catalog…I lost it, and I can’t remember exactly what it was. Wondering if you’ve seen it. I don’t think it had a word at the bottom. It was a picture of a guy sitting alone in a warehouse…on the floor…and it was shot from way overhead. Hanging over the dude’s head from the ceiling of the warehouse was the new boss, and it had a caption under the boss’s picture. It was somehow alluding to layoffs. I loved this damn thing, and I can’t find it on despair.com’s website, or any way to find out what it was, unless I want to join their online blog.
    Do you know what I’m talking about?