Pervasive Allstate ads

We try really hard to limit the amount of advertising that our kids see. We do this via several measures: limiting how much TV they watch, encouraging them to watch non-commercial programs, and using a TiVo to skip ads. However, in the last week, Matt and Tom have both surprised me.
First, on the way to school, Tom asked who our car insurance was with. “State Farm,” I said. “Do they give you a new car if your old one is totaled like Allstate does?” he asked.
I explained that, no, State Farm wouldn’t give us a brand-new car; they’d pay the market value (a concept he already grasps from allocating his allowance.) “You should use Allstate,” he opined, “because they’ll just give you a new car. That’s what their commercial says, anyway.”
That afternoon, Matt was eating a Nerds rope, which he likes to break into sections. He stacked up two sections of unequal length to make a bar graph, pointed at the shorter one, and firmly said “Dad, you could save money on car insurance like this if you used Allstate.”
I don’t know what Allstate is paying Dennis Haysbert, but apparently it’s money well spent.


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