An embarrassing contrast: Lotusphere vs TechEd

Doggone it, this just isn’t fair. I was going to go to Lotusphere, but decided not to because I’m already going to Orlando twice this year for other trips.. and who’s their keynote speaker? Only the first man to walk on the moon.

The list of past speakers from Lotusphere is pretty impressive: John Cleese; Rudy Giulani, Walter Cronkite… meanwhile, at the flagship MS event, we get… Microsoft executives. Don’t get me wrong; I expect to see executives touting their products, and I appreciate Microsoft’s efforts to bring in sidekicks like Samantha Bee or Mary Lynn Rajskub to liven things up a bit. However, why couldn’t we have an interesting topical speaker? It couldn’t be that hard. Warren Buffett would probably be glad to help his friend Bill out. How about Sean Payton? Scott Adams? The possibilities are limitless.


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