Multiple subjectAltNames in certificates: now from Entrust

Back in September I wrote a pair of columns about how Exchange 2007 uses certificates. In it I pointed out the utility of having multiple subject alternative names, or subjectAltNames, in a single certificate; doing so allows you to have a single cert that works with,, and the real underlying FQDN, all in one cert. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell no commercial CAs will actually issue such a certificate.

However, I got mail today from Andrew Codrington at Entrust. They’ve just introduced a new “unified communications certificate” as part of their partnership with Microsoft. The UC cert includes 10 subjectAltNames, with the option of adding 3 more for an additional $99. Good deal? Maybe; the 1-year cert price is a whopping $599. Still, that’s certainly cheaper than buying 3 standard Entrust certs @ $159 each when you factor in the time and labor required to obtain and install them. More on this later…

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