Bedroom HDTV upgrade

We made a Thanksgiving-night run to Meijer for milk and bread; while we were there, I saw that they had a Thanksgiving-only special on the Syntax Olevia LT27HVX, a 27″ flat-panel LCD television with good specs (1280 x 720, with 480p, 720p, and 1080i support). For $499, I jumped on it– that ended up being my anniversary present from Arlene. On Friday, BestBuy had a sale on their DirecTV HD receivers: $199 with a $199 mail-in rebate. Matthew, Thomas, and I headed out to BestBuy about 0830 and it was jam-packed– talk about crowd-fighting! It was worth it, though, as we eventually emerged with a shiny new H10. Its OTA tuner isn’t as sensitive as the one in the living room HR10-250, so I ended up having to put an inline 10dB amplifier on its cable run, but now it works really well. It’s a treat to be able to watch HD under an electric blanket 🙂


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2 responses to “Bedroom HDTV upgrade

  1. Daniel Broadway

    Well, Paul, now that you have all new shiny HDTVs, you need to capture all your family memories on a shiny new Sony HDV Handycam…

  2. Dude, one of those would cost more than my entire investment in HDTV- both TVs, both satellite receivers, and my antenna cost me less than $2K. I think I’ll wait for the WalMart version 🙂