Wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was especially good this year.

I took half a day off on Wednesday and ran errands with the kids, then had a blissful and uninterrupted four days of only occasional computer use. No work. No articles, no papers, no competitive work, no nothing. It was great. (I wasn’t even distracted by the Xbox 360). On Thanksgiving Day, we had leftover red beans and rice because Mom was still down in New Orleans; I got plenty of time to play with the kids, and I even managed to take a nap– something that virtually never happens.

Friday Arlene and I got up early and stuffed a 20-lb turkey with cornbread dressing made the previous night. I’m not normally a big fan of dressing– I prefer rice– but this stuff was so good that I kept eating it out of the bowl. Arlene really outdid herself. We had a big traditional dinner with Mom, Dad, Tim, and the five of us. (the leftovers were good, too!) How wonderful it was to have everyone together! We went around the table talking about what we’re thankful for, and not surprisingly, family and health were among the top items.

Saturday Dad, Tim, and I took the boys to our annual fall pilgramage to Cabela’s. Matthew and Thomas love the fish and animals, and David tries to pretend he’s too cool for them but only partly succeeds. Oddly, we didn’t buy any of our usual Cabela’s candy; in fact, I don’t even remember seeing it out. Sunday was a quiet day; Arlene had to teach in Relief Society, and I went with our elders’ quorum president to give blessings to a couple of people who were sick. Speaking of thankfulness: I’m thankful to be able to hold the priesthood so that I can do things like this.

To really kick off the holiday season, we put up our two Christmas trees, although we only had time to decorate one (mostly because we let the boys do it!) Yesterday, alas, was back to normal; David had his regular 8a school-play rehearsal, basketball practice, homework, and so on.

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