My last word (for now) on GOExchange

I’ve had a long series of email discussions with Troy Werelius, CEO of GOExchange’s parent company. I’m now convinced that the sales rep didn’t intend to be dishonest, but that he was trying to bolster his case that eseutil is complex (true), dangerous (true), and not for use by the unwary (true). He pointed out that it was unfair of me to criticize GOExchange as “little more than a scheduling engine that wraps around eseutil” without having used it. That’s a fair criticism, although in my defense he has been reluctant to talk about what the product actually does do. To avoid confusion, I’ve removed my earlier post.

However, let me make something perfectly clear: I do not think that it is a good idea to run eseutil except in certain specific, well-defined circumstances. It is not a tool for routine or casual use. Reasons to use eseutil include fixing a damaged database or running an offline defrag, neither of which are routine maintenance operations. I think that’s where the central point of disagreement between my viewpoint and Troy’s lies.

Troy is working on arranging a technology demo for the Exchange MVPs that will help all of us understand better what the product actually does– I’ll post my impressions of its functionality after the demo.

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