Huntsville and Nazi rocket scientists

Interesting article on the front page of the WSJ today: “In Huntsville, Ala., Rocketeer’s Legacy Has Complex Echoes“. The article talks about the fact that von Braun, Stuhlinger, and other key players in NASA’s early booster development were participants (with varying degrees of culpability) in Nazi Germany’s industrial program. The primary source for the article’s claims of heavy Nazi involvement on the part of the scientists is Linda Hunt, a “media critic” who wrote a book on the topic. I haven’t read it, but it certainly didn’t get good reviews. It’s not clear to me that it would have been better to prosecute the lot of them immediately after WW II; doing so would certainly have made the not-yet-prosecuted much more reluctant to work here instead of for the fUSSR. However, it’s unpleasant to be reminded of the kinds of compromises that governments routinely engage in, One cool note, though: the article quotes my former coworker at NTI, Dave Cornutt,

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