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MS releases Entourage EWS, changes name to Outlook

Big news on the Mac e-mail front.

First, Microsoft has released the Exchange Web Services (EWS) edition of Entourage, which you may remember from back in January. If you’ve been using the beta version, you will almost certainly be pleased with the vast improvements in sync speed since the beta. MS has also fixed a number of annoying sync bugs. Remember, the EWS version requires that you have Exchange 2007 SP1 with update rollup (UR) UR4 or later.

Next, MS announced today that the next version of Mac Office will contain… not Entourage but Outlook for the Mac. They have not yet announced the exact details of what “Outlook” means in the Mac context (except to say that it includes support for AD RMS), but the Entourage Outlook for Mac team is well aware of the major features that Outlook for WIndows has, and based on my discussions with them I am pretty optimistic about what we’ll see in the next version.

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