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Bedroom HDTV upgrade

We made a Thanksgiving-night run to Meijer for milk and bread; while we were there, I saw that they had a Thanksgiving-only special on the Syntax Olevia LT27HVX, a 27″ flat-panel LCD television with good specs (1280 x 720, with 480p, 720p, and 1080i support). For $499, I jumped on it– that ended up being my anniversary present from Arlene. On Friday, BestBuy had a sale on their DirecTV HD receivers: $199 with a $199 mail-in rebate. Matthew, Thomas, and I headed out to BestBuy about 0830 and it was jam-packed– talk about crowd-fighting! It was worth it, though, as we eventually emerged with a shiny new H10. Its OTA tuner isn’t as sensitive as the one in the living room HR10-250, so I ended up having to put an inline 10dB amplifier on its cable run, but now it works really well. It’s a treat to be able to watch HD under an electric blanket 🙂



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National HD in O&O markets

1 800 263 0028. Let me write that again: 1 800 263 0028. That’s the number to call if you’re a DirecTV subscriber with HDTV service. It turns out that you can get, at no extra cost, the east or west coast feeds of any network if the network owns the local affiliate station. That’s called an O&O station, for “owned and operated”. In Toledo, WTVG is owned by ABC, so we qualify to get the ABC national feed. I’m still trying to figure out if the Fox station is an O&O or not; I’ve seen conflicting reports.

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Massive HDTV recording tip

I wish I’d thought of this: a smart guy came up with the idea of creating a TiVo wishlist with “2004” as the search term to catch all movies released in 2004. That’s not the cool part– now I can create a wishlist for a video type of “HDTV” and have instant access to the list of what’s on in HD. W00t.

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Discovery HD is showing the documentary “Trinity and Beyond” on Saturday. Now I won’t have to buy it.


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Stop the broadcast flag by calling Sen DeWine

The entertainment industry is still trying: I got an “action alert” email from EFF asking people to call Senators on the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that owns technical issues. Apparently the forces of darkness are trying to sneak a broadcast flag amendment into an appropriations vote. This comes after the the DC circuit Court of Appeals struck down the original broadcast flag rules. If you value your ability to use devices like iPods and TiVos, call or email your Senator right now. It only takes a minute to do.


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Amazon sale on Eytmotics ER-6i

I lost the ER-4ps that I got for Christmas, so I bought some ER-6is to see how they sounded. They sound almost as good and they were hella cheap(er). Now Amazon has the ER-6i on sale for $89, which is a terrific deal. If you’ve been wanting a set of these but have balked at the price, well, balk no longer.

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Flag waving

This just in: the US Court of Appeals for the DC circuit just struck down the FCC’s broadcast flag requirement. w00t.

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