Office 365 Exposed, episode 13

Join me and co-hosts Tony Redmond and Vasil Michev as we talk about all manner of things, including the new Outlook web app, Microsoft’s checkered history with transport rules for security, various SharePoint topics, and the pungent cloud of FUD emanating from certain Office 365 ecosystem vendors.


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3 responses to “Office 365 Exposed, episode 13

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  2. Philip Worrell

    Just about to implement a 365 backup. I agree with Tony, it is overkill. Yet not my decision to implement it. Came from an external auditor from a large well know company. People still have yet to understand the service and what is in it. 365 is core to most businesses.

    On Security and rogue admins another pain point. Since we still do not teach enough about basic security to our users. They just want to get their jobs done without thinking about it. So as soon as there is a security related issue all the finger pointing towards IT starts.

    Great podcast, always good to hear how others feel about the way 365 is going. it has a long way to go.

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