My screen went gray: how to turn off Windows 10 color filter mode

I like to think I know my way around Windows after using it daily since Windows 3.1. Sometimes it still surprises me, though.

Today I was working on a blog post for the ENow blog (stay tuned, you’ll see it shortly). I went to copy a quote from a press release and, suddenly, this is what I saw:

Grayscale Windows screen

Where’d my color go?

I couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened, but my screen was suddenly gray. It was at the correct resolution, and everything looked the same except it was gray. At first I thought I’d mistakenly turned on high contrast mode (which you do with left Alt+left Shift+PrtSc) but nope.

A little digging led me to the dialog shown in the image above. Apparently Windows has a “color filter” mode that, when invoked, makes it easier to see certain colors. It’s intended for people with color-vision deficiencies. For ease of use, Microsoft tied it to a key combination: the Windows key + Ctrl + C. I must have accidentally bumped the Windows key while copying my quote.

Now you know.



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6 responses to “My screen went gray: how to turn off Windows 10 color filter mode

  1. compteo

    I had this problem today. I wasn’t aware when copy/pasting some text that I hit CTRL+Windows+C

    My color went to Black & White, I reinstalled my windows drivers trying to fix it until coming across your blog. Thanks for the quick hotkey fix. Windows can be retarded sometimes with these updates and hotkeys no one will ever want.

  2. CJ

    Same thing happened to me today. I had to figure it out on my own, because my Google searches all came back with suggestions about drivers and monitor cables – which doesn’t apply. Glad someone else shouted this out too.

  3. Lloyd

    Thanks for this info. Just happened to me, and searches gave me all sorts of ridiculous fixes. That should not be activated by hot keys! I would be for removing all of them.

  4. Scorpio

    You sir, are my fucking hero!!!! Thank you!

  5. John

    THANK YOU. I was messing around with drivers for two hours before I found this. You’d think the hot keys would at least tell you when you’d triggered something like this.

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