Flying Friday: looking stupid now vs stupid later

Remember this Fram commercial?

The concept it highlights is a fundamental part of many different aspects of life. Technical debt, TiVo guilt, and my own growing backlog of Kindle books are just three of the many manifestations of the now-versus-later principle. Here’s another great one: “It’s better to look a little stupid now, than a lot stupid later.” 

I don’t really have anything to add to this article; it very neatly captures the principle and provides an excellent cautionary tale for all of us, but especially pilots and most especially those who are entrusted with the role of pilot in command.




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3 responses to “Flying Friday: looking stupid now vs stupid later

  1. Phil Fraering

    Not trying to be a busybody or anything, but the rss reader I use says there’s some problems with the certificate of this site. AND I can’t find your email address on the site.

    Anyway, you probably want to call up the hosting company and yell at ’em about the former, and maybe drop me a line too so I’ll have the email address.

    • robichaux

      Interesting– I would have assumed that WordPress would have its certs in order but I’ll look into it. As always, you can reach me at paul at robichaux dot net.

  2. Phil Fraering

    Thanks. It may just be nothing, but this is a new-ish ubuntu install and I don’t think I’ve done anything to mess up the cert. checks. I just realized I might be able to check the rss feed under OS X, I have an rss reader there too. (And that install is a couple weeks old too).

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